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Anatomies of Kaiserins in Apnoea

Although we have no oil wells, we do have wells of imagination. Or just not. Just nothing but bits of paper, plastic, iron, copper and glass. Nicotine in and out, and a picture-perfect lack of oxygen. It's all in the details, the hell is in these details, that's a useful tip to remember while cruising, on a desert day. Took some time off, to mend or get even sicker, left some time to the eyes to feel released of these visions of anonymous wannabe empresses, marching under the spotlights. Here no wannabes are, no... [Lire la suite]
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Erin Heatherton @ Joy Models (Milan), Marilyn (Paris) and Marilyn (NY) Erin Heatherton. The kind of name that is easy to remember. Sounds good, sounds familiar. Just like her, after all. She's got this kind of cuteness which hits your eyes at first sight and will remain in your mind forever. Everything sounds simple and natural but if there is no doubt she's a natural beauty, that looks effortlessly great even after washing away her make-up in backstage, there's something much more elaborated about her. What's exactly the secret... [Lire la suite]
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