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Poli is new

Poli @ Nagorny Models (Belarus) Our favorite mixture: when a model has both a super-cute, super-fresh face and and endlessly leggy silhouette. Poli's cuteness and fresh face are obvious on the first picture but once you learn she's also 5'11 (180 86-59-89) your crush quickly turns into high expectations. Perfect mixture, right ? Right. Poli comes from Belarus and is another magical find of Sergey Nagorny's agency, she's 16 and might (will) have a bright future. Take your slice of brightness today.
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Photomaton with Aluna

Aluna @ Sergey Nagorny (Belarus), IMG (Paris) London has begun but we already have our head in Paris. Well, we'll talk about London and even a bit of New York a bit later today. Wanted to start this saturday morning with a coffee, banana-flavoured chocolate bars and a photomaton with one of these fantastic and freshly signed at IMG Paris. Here you go. Nagorny's next pearl in town is called Aluna, is a stunner without make-up on her digitals and her poses are divine. Naturally multi-tasked beauty that can also rely on her... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Grazhyna !

Grazhyna @ Sergey Nagorny (Belarus) Grazhyna and her so specific eyes. Specific shape, charming vibe. From immediate cuteness to this deeper and slightly melancholic look. She's been a favorite since last summer when we saw her first polaroids and it's a feeling that is still growing today. Strengthened by any new picture, any styling (even when it's not always our favorite kind of styling). Let's say she's performing her different roles quite naturally and easily. From the fresh face on polas to the ready made icon. Hope this will... [Lire la suite]
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Sergey Nagorny

Nastya, Viktoria Makhota Sacha Blue, Yanina Masha, Anabela Belikava Miakina, Irena
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