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April Fuels

Anna Selezneva @ Silent (Paris, NY) April Fuels was the perfect title for a post on a story named Flaming the Passion published on April Fools Day, actually coming from the May issue of the magazine. Jokes and puns aside, it's not a strange taste for cheesy wordplays that convinced us to write on this editorial but the haunting beauty glowing from each page. Just by reading two names involved in the team gives you a preview of the dream: Anna Selezneva and Hedi Slimane. Or more exactly Anna Selezneva by Hedi Slimane even if it... [Lire la suite]
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Always Like The First Time

      Vita @ Cherie Models (Russia) When we started FDIB almost five years ago, we didn't know where we were heading to and even today we don't know what the future of this page will bring. To be true we had no plans, no clear goals about the way things should turn and no aim to rock the bank with it (and still have none of these three in mind). When agencies started to contact us regarding our work, this was almost a huge surprise as this wasn't planned as well but took this opportunity to add some specific contents... [Lire la suite]
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Only Othilia

Othilia Simon @ Silent (Paris) Last post of the week and maybe the one we anticipated most since last weekend, since we got the materials and made the decision it was big time to do it. Othilia, probably the very best suprise of the season and the only geniune one -- how many people knew who she was when she first hit the runway in February, who knew her story or even just her agency ? Because it doesn't happen every season, with all these specialized medias giving a lot information and countless hints on new models' moves even... [Lire la suite]
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