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The smell of perfection

Released today. The magazine smells like Chanel perfume on page two and our soap smells the blue because it can't sing. Siri is flying high and singing live in newest Numéro, by Luciana Val and Franco Musso. This time we thought we can say it, even scream it. The louder, the better: there is  a smell of perfection all over Siri's career. Twice in a row on Numéro's glossy pages for the second time of her career. But that would be too prosaic for our taste and we see perfection more in the way she works it out rather the... [Lire la suite]
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She's not guilty for her own moonlights

  Siri Tollerod @ Trump (NY), Joy (Milan) Another Siri story, by Dusan Reljin in latest issue of 10 magazine. After being the muse of Miles Aldridge and the cover-girl of Muse, she's getting colorful, playful and keeps the precious look alive. Delicate as she should always be, girly clown having a rest in the shadows and in Chanel. She already proved several times how powerful her editorial potential is although we're always begging for more. We know her as a chameleon and a real actress, able to show much emotion in many... [Lire la suite]
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Four and five

Siri Tollerod @ Joy (Milan), Trump (NY) Second girl from Joy Milan to get a story in one of our favorite magazines. Siri. Another Siri maybe and still the Siri we love, maybe closer to our vision of Siri. Siri Siri Siri. We're not the only to think there is really a lot of unexplored potential, unveiled emotions, things that haven't been seen on glossy paper while they are obvious in backstage. Here you go, follow Hans Feurer in latest issue of Muse. Cuteness and flowers are still there, still sweet and Siri probably won't get rid... [Lire la suite]
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Kitten and kitchen: kitties go kitsch

   Siri Tollerod @ Joy Models (Milan), Trump Model Management (NY) Miles Aldridge isn't among our favorite photographer for no reasons, no blind love in this case. We're always thankful to him to keep the real and beautiful kitsch alive. The colorful, dramatic, poetic kitsch full of useless details that make the pictures even much stronger. Pictures as pictures. Kitties are stranded between dreams and nightmares, Siri Tollerod is the perfect character crossing this unreal world of old furniture and wallpapers without... [Lire la suite]
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Siri Tollerod @ Joy Models (Milan) If you have the opportunity to meet Siri or, at least, to see how she walks and move, you'll probably understand the true reasons of her success. Not just a blond, cute girl with a tiny silhouette. Not just a model that makes the clothes look good on the catwalk. There is something very delicate yet almost odd in the way she moves, walks and... poses. That' what Venetia Scott brilliantly captured for her story in Vogue UK. The theme and the colors are probably nothing new yet for this... [Lire la suite]
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Dream on, Little Mermaid...

      by Nick Haymes, courtesy of Joy Models As delicate as a little mermaid. And delightful. Siri Tollerod completes the dream-team at Joy Models, in the same vibe as Margaryta Senchylo. Symbols of refinement, grace... of some less agressive beauty and this wherever you might see beauty. They have the clever look, they have the dreamy mood, they're playing between two worlds and turn a simple fashion picture into the epitome of eye-candy. Last one is from i-D. The one above is from i-D. And while Margaryta is gracing... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

Back to the bookstore after almost no new magazines during the holidays. It's not what we would call a mag invasion though the exciting news are starting to pop up from every corner of the world. Elle Italia, L'Officiel Brazil, Numéro Tokyo... let's have a closer look ! Siri Tollerod in Numéro Tokyo, courtesy of Joy Models "Make me a supermodel !" could be the main word in the aspiring models' mouths on TV channels these last years... "Give them a fantastic career" could be our motto. Seems that both Joy... [Lire la suite]
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A muse in Muse

Muse #10 Winter 2007. One of the latest marvels in Siri's collection. Siri Tollerod was among the most sought-after models during the s/s 08 fashion weeks and left such an unforgettable mark in almost everyone's mind with her feline eyes, über-cute smirk and delicate features. Neither freak nor plain, the Norwegian blonde is also in high demand for A-level editorials in magazine like Numéro, Vogue Italia or 10. Now she's in Muse. And she's the muse.          by Karen Collins, courtesy of Joy Models... [Lire la suite]
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Wonder Girl

from Numéro 86 by Greg Kadel styled by Bill Mullen
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