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  Marike Le Roux @ Wilhelmina (NY) The magazine is French and usually easy to get for us but, this time, got the tip from New York. Go figure, Paris might consider we are already Germany here. Or were we so overbooked we overlooked this ? No time for dilemmas and drama, let's just go to the point: Marike's cover and editorial on/in the new issue of Stiletto. Marike slightly hiding under her top hat but full force glowing on from the front page till the end of her story. Here is a little medley of the pages that gave us the good... [Lire la suite]
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Zuzana's truth

Zuzana Gregorova @ Viva (London), Viva (Paris), Why Not (Milan), DNA (NY) Didn't we say yesterday and the day before we love Exit girls ? Maybe here is the first of all of them. The first ever and still our current favorite. Jaws, eyes and brows you can't forget. We've never forgotten and her name is probably the one we wrote the most in our press reviews. Busy girls with editorials and covers every months on french and italian magazines mostly. Runways seem to be another place she can call home. While recent editorials include... [Lire la suite]
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Everyday is a new day

And we won't sleep anymore ! Viktoriya Sasonkina doesn't allow us to sleep any longer, seems there's not one day, not one night we don't have new pictures, new polaroids, new editorials of her. She's working like crazy but raise the level to its top. Could it be her recent work for magazines like Stiletto and Please! or her brand new tests shot for Women NY, Vika is creating an enormous buzz here. Heartbeats and goose-bumps.    pictures from Women NY
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