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Spread Your Wings (When The Sky Is Grey)

        Suzie Bird @ Supreme (NY) We had this thought at Marc Jacobs backstage while having a short talk with Supreme people there on what's going on this season (for us and for them). And Suzie Bird was naturally the name that came on everyone's lips at that time. Taking New York fashion week by storm exactly when nobody was looking forward to such a move in her career, Suzie appeared at several high profile shows since the start of the events and seems to keep this moment going in London and Milan. If we needed... [Lire la suite]
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Silver Bullet

    Silver letters and golden girls — the shortest description to talk about Supreme's Spring Summer 2011 show package. Short is not enough, though, for this extended and expensive packet which meets its first goal as soon as you see it: giving a new identity to an brandy with a totally different history. Switching from its previous trademark to a new signature, obviously moving from the original aesthetic to another one reflecting the new vision at the agency. Nobody can tell yet what the impact of the (still) recent moves... [Lire la suite]

Heart of Class

Ilva @ Supreme (NY) First time we've ever seen and heard of Ilva was less than two weeks ago when she first popped on her mother agency's blog. Place (Hamburg) is never short of surprises when it comes to cool newcomers (also make sure you've seen Laila featured on Tuesday here) with distinctive looks and vibes. Seeing Ilva was quite a little shock for anyone having a thing for strawberry blond hair and peculiar features. And class, because that's what the story is all about. And lightspeed evolution since she first... [Lire la suite]
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        Olga Ovchynnikova @ Supreme (NY) Rain and wind are our guilty pleasures even when everyone is looking for blue sky but we can't help thinking Olga Ovchynnikova might have some sunny days ahead of her and we're quite pleased with this idea. Not intending she's going on vacation, though: you should see her soon, working hard and walking fast come New York Fashion Week. Ready for the frenzy, equipped with freshly taken polaroids and quite a mysterious look that should help her during that tough battle called... [Lire la suite]
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La Revanche d'Une Brune

Jacquelyn Jablonski @ Supreme (NY) Tears of love might be frozen tears, it's still not supposed to mean they should freeze your mind as well and stick it to the last memories of an era. And when the next chapter is able to warm you up, even when it's actually two chapters later that everything happens, these tears which should have never dried finally vanish and leave room on your face for a brand new smile. Not going to dive deeper into details on the way we lived Valentino Garavani's retirement some seasons ago as getting too... [Lire la suite]
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Memories From The Future

      Mariya Markina @ Supreme (NY) Honestly, it is a hard task for us to write something on Mariya Markina. So many extreme memories left, so many pictures still in mind. Quite some unforgettable visions that we would had to shake to make it really clear. How should we start then? With a blast from the past then go full force on some kind of comeback topic? The questions raising at the moment are countless and the answers are late to come. Maybe we should allow you to have a look at the pictures and make your own... [Lire la suite]
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Bubble Stories

      Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Some days you wake up and can't avoid the truth, the need to be honest with yourself. Facing reality or some kind of, bad sides and good sides and everything in between. The other morning the first word that crossed our minds was promises. Yeah, you promised me. How many times we heard about "promising new faces" or whatever that could describe bright future and high hopes. Hope should always be around when some agent (may he be mother agent or even the star of worldwide booking... [Lire la suite]
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Back on Tracks

Kasia Wrobel @ Supreme (NY) Summer = slower, somehow. But don't imagine we were on vacations till now, we had actually no hole in our schedule for more than a week. So, if indeed Summer is usually slighlty slower or less busy, slighltly more silent or less noisy, we're back on tracks and back for good. No clue on the rythm of the blog for the next six weeks but we're preparing a couple of very nice surprises. Summer special of usual stuff, if anything can be called usual in a modeling world that barely allows you to have habits for... [Lire la suite]
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Pixies and Pumpkins

            Amanda Norgaard @ Viva (Paris), Supreme (NY) It's rocking and whirling in the land of pixies and pumpkins when Amanda Norgaard gets involved in the storyboard. In a short series dedicated to movies, especially those inspired by fairytales, the delicate Dane plays one role after the other and embodies each character with the same power, bringing them all back to life. We had no trouble to imagine her as the Little Mermaid (and it's actually the only story which inspired two pages in a row),... [Lire la suite]
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Lizzy on the List

        Lizzy Burden @ Supreme (NY) Okay, it's not Monday but it seems so. Yesterday was a holiday in France and seemed like a Sunday. Or not exactly. Quite difficult these days to name the day, if you've ever experienced the feeling (well, french people should be used to it as wolrdwide champions of holidays). So, yesterday would have been a real Sunday if the rest of the world wasn't working and agencies weren't updating us on what's going where people don't spend free time in the sun. That was for the little... [Lire la suite]
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