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Such Golden Rules

    Tsanna Latouche @ Premier (London) The golden opportunity! A few weeks ago, Premier sent us Tsanna's book asking if we were interesting. Sure we were but needed to wait till the first pieces made in London were out, something that would make sense like a new tests/fresh polas combo. Here we go as Jessie Craig shot with Tsanna and fell in love, unstoppable when it came to describe her beauty and praise her potential. Still some secrets hidden for her, according to our friend photographer and you beg you to read and weigh... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Gloria !

Gloria Loitz @ Mode Models (Canada) We had an eye (and two, and three, and four actually) on Gloria since we were introduced to her by her mother agency Mode Models. They were excited, we were impatient but we all decided to wait until they feel the right moment. It's always better when you've got this little thrill that you're making it right. And this morning is the morning (for some of us, tonight is the night). Coffee is flowing and it goes the same for stunning new faces. Mode strikes it high, again. Gloria is free-and-easy... [Lire la suite]
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