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Words of Wisdom

        Sylwia @ AW Agence (Poland) Careful and wise development can help a lot at the beginnings of a promising career. Doing one thing after the other and making sure not to go too fast. Every step is important and has to be completed before reaching any higher level. Sylwia was already featured here twice, each time she impressed us with her latest materials, proving with every single picture that she has enough power to improve quickly. Giving more presence to the camera, working out more expression,... [Lire la suite]
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Development diaries: Sylwia

                Sylwia @ AW Agence (Poland) First feature on Sylwia was seven days ago and seven days make one week. Just one little week and her brand new tests arrived, in the same style as Angela our other darling from AW Agence. Emphasis on expressions and sleek aesthetic were probably two interesting aspects of their tests, revealing the models' potential and abilities in a relevant way. Direct to the point. Sylwia caught our eyes for some obvious reasons, cuteness is among them for sure... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sylwia !

        Sylwia @ AW Agence (Poland) We had a keen eye on Sylwia since we saw her for the first time. She's got that impish-looking cuteness that has always caught our attention and the uncanny ability to use it to embody various character. Morphing like a chameleon and remaining herself on every single picture. The latest tests we received from her Polish mother agency, AW Agence (which could easily be considered as a good-eyed, selective boutique) were even more stunning than everything we've seen before. More... [Lire la suite]
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