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Days Should Be Nights

    Tabea @ IMG (NY) Some days should rather be nights. Don't know how to explain it and have no real clue how to make this happen. Shall we just not get up on these warm mornings and only work from 8pm ? Suitable option, unfortunately didn't made this decision when the alarm clock rang today. This current heatwave won't kill our inspiration too, makes us slower of course but doesn't attack the core -- eyes and brains, only the overall speed decreased since last week. Strange atmopshere but great photography will always be... [Lire la suite]
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No Fuss

        Tabea @ IMG (NY) Could be one of these entries with our homemade cheesy titles like "Love is all what matters" and actually at the moment we're writing these lines we have no clue on what the title would look (sound) like. Might go for that cheap romantic vibe, just to get out of the drama. So, things are pretty official now if you check out Tabea's book on IMG's website (gorgeous book, by the way) but this is not really what we want to comment on today. Don't want to say it's good or bad, don't... [Lire la suite]
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A Matter of Labels

Delphie What do you do when you have five minutes free while working on a Sunday ? Go to the bookshop at the train station and check out what new magazines they have in store. And as far as we remember, only French Elle and a couple more french glossies with no guarantee to find a nice one. Though, this week's Elle was pretty interesting (visually, as we haven't read one word yet). Most interesting part was probably their "new faces" topic, called "future top models". A bit awkward, of course, but always raising some interesting... [Lire la suite]

Made in Germany

Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), Ford (NY) Made in Germany. These words often stands for quality, no matter what the topic is. It's well-known, and most of times, well said because truth is german products are often...well, well done. We're not talking about products, though, or if one product is in the spotlight today it might be a service: Modelwerk's precise and precious management. But the real heart of this story, you understood it, is the girls themselves. Made in Germany, then and made in Modelwerk, actually. Anne... [Lire la suite]
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