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La Revanche d'Une Brune

Jacquelyn Jablonski @ Supreme (NY) Tears of love might be frozen tears, it's still not supposed to mean they should freeze your mind as well and stick it to the last memories of an era. And when the next chapter is able to warm you up, even when it's actually two chapters later that everything happens, these tears which should have never dried finally vanish and leave room on your face for a brand new smile. Not going to dive deeper into details on the way we lived Valentino Garavani's retirement some seasons ago as getting too... [Lire la suite]
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// Parallel Lines //

Abbey Lee Kershaw @ Next, cover by Richard Prince styled by Tamara Rothstein. Bottom left you can see a little scar on the magazine that travelled a lot before arriving at home here. Got POP in hands, finally found it in town. It took a while till it arrived at our local bookstore but it's here, big and beautiful. Our copy suffered a little from travelling to our half-godforsaken city but it's still amazing to have it, smell it, read it, look at it over and over again. A magazine really becomes a magazine the day you can touch ... [Lire la suite]

Cool Cast for Cool Cats

Amber Milam @ Trump (NY) Lera Sheremeta @ Supreme (NY) Paul Pavlovska @ Trump (NY) Inna Pilipenko @ Supreme (NY) Marina Panova @ Supreme (NY) It's in the latest issue of QVEST, it's by Sean & Seng and styled by the genius Tamara Rothstein (yes, the same Tamara Rothstein who styled Eugenia Vidal to perfection in a previous issue). It's featuring a thrilling bunch of models from Trump and Supreme, two agencies that put much energy in developing cool kids these months. Think of  the suprising Paul Pavlovska and Amber... [Lire la suite]
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Press review !

      Eugenia Vidal by Detlef Schneider, styled by Tamara Rothstein My favorite Supreme girl is in the latest issue of Qvest (the issue with Irina Lazareanu on the cover and twice in editorials). I was ecstatic in the bookshop when I discovered Eugenia was inside, I had a big, big smile and was holding the magazine in my arms the same way I would have done with a treasure. Actually I had found a treasure, she’s a treasure, a rough diamond with her heartbreaking slight smile on her face contrasting... [Lire la suite]