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Photomaton with Kangana

Kangana @ IMG (Paris) Our Photomaton series are usually dedicated to models who get their first tests. The idea is simple: four tests and four recent polas. This time, the whole story is a little bit different but the high quality of her polaroids justifies the idea of a Photomaton with Kangana. Striking snaps meet her best editorial to date. From Tank magazine, by Tarun Khiwal (styled by Chloe Kerman). She also got the cover of this issue which turns out to be a milestones in Kangana's career. She's got this calm beauty and... [Lire la suite]
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The sun will shine

 Elsa Sylvan @ Mikas (Sweden), Viva (Paris), DNA (NY) Summer is sooner that you would guess looking through the window. The sky is grey but the wind is warm. We don't know why... there's such a summery vibe in Elsa Sylvan. In her look and probably in the editorials she's done so far. From our beloved - and obviously summery - story from Dealer de Luxe to her more recent work for Numéro, Perfect and Tank (above) there's something sweet as a summer breeze. It's maybe her features which appeal to a certain type of styling using... [Lire la suite]
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