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A very creative Cherry

Tayane Ruibal @ Cherry Models (Brazil) Let's say things how they are: Tayane is hard to overlook. Another thing which is hard not to notice is the way she has improved since our last feature on her. She was already talented and looks close to genius now. The poses. The poise. And the little wild thing going hand in hand with that. These fresh pictures might only be considered as snaps, they were shot in a studio and are clearly worth many editorials. No matter what it's supposed to be, quality and creativity are always more... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Tayane !

Tayane Ruibal @ Cherry Models (Brazil) She's the classic red-haired beauty, the epitome of a redhead which often means love at first sight here. She's 5'9"5 and traveled in Asia last year, a little help for her book and a little more experience. As she already has a certain amount of great test pictures or editorials both from Brazil and abroad, we thought it was better to start with a couple of polaroids. It goes right to the point and leaves you with an exact idea of what her potential could be. That also means there will... [Lire la suite]
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