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Tessa Westerhof @ SPS (The Netherlands) Time goes by so slowly... and fashion is supposed to go so fast. Or was supposed, fashion has gone mid-tempo, upbeat yet slower, mild or bittersweet atmosphere with all these moves that aren't changes and other breaking news turning out to be minor facts, forgotten the day after. Once upon a little time, new faces were everywhere, literally pouring down. Every fresh face was labeled the next big thing then had to survive the hype or disappear. The shock of the new was daily, the new generation... [Lire la suite]
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Playing games under the pouring rain

        Tessa Westerhof @ SPS (The Netherlands) Shadows and lights, sorrows and delights... the way things are going all the time. But Tessa's pictures seem to tell another story, less contrasted and showing harmony on every piece. Where the secret is ? Serene features or Yorick Nubé's inimitable way to catch that kind of vibe ? Something halfway, as always. We ended last week with Yorick's New York pictures of Jasmine and start this new one with some Dutch diamonds from his portfolio. Two worlds, two moods yet... [Lire la suite]
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