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Our Paris Way of Life: Daydreaming vs. Realpolitik

Olga Cerpita @ Studio (Paris), not in the review but expecting to see her again in town after a nice season in London with Profile. And Studio girls definitely belongs to our favorite Paris perks... As usual Paris packages offer a wide range of high level models, including many newcomers you are tempted to watch closely during one week running from one show to another. Hide and seek backstage, good surprises and big disappointments. Though, our approach of that new season in Paris seems a little bit different and our state of... [Lire la suite]

Everybody loved the show

Tetyana Melnychuk @ Marilyn (NY) The Tetyana Melnychuk show by Jonathan Waiter. That's probably how we should have named this short story exploring Tetyana's most unexpected sides including the most precious and vulnerable. We finally went for everybody loved the show as these pieces of work were actually milestones for everyone and a great moments - we imagine. For the photographer, the model, her mother agent from Argentina and for our own eyes, when the set arrived in front of them. We surely knew Tetyana was a special one... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Tetyana

Tetyana Melnychuk @ Mayger Models (Argentina) No other new face has brought so much enthusiasm here recently. Since someone with a very good eye introduced us to Tetyana, she immediately found the way to our favorites list. We love them cute, we love them fierce. We adore when a model can mix both and can mix it to a leggy silhouette. The best words to describe her might probably a few ones about her eyes. The most expressive gaze - striking fact: you can notice it on polaroids, naturally expressive then. The combination of wide... [Lire la suite]
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