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Second interview of the month at The Fucked-Up Crew that catch our attention this year: Lara Giliberto. A photographer again, a new talent, a rising star etc. A very talented one first of all we would say. And unlike many other creative people we've been featuring over these last few yers, Lara is based in Milan (while also working in Paris) which might change us from our main photographic destination, New York. Creativity without borders on the world map that matches creativity that doesn't fit in the usual categories of... [Lire la suite]
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Marleen @ Fresh Rosanne @ Bloom Ronja @ Future Faces Mirte Maas @ Women It was a dirty dream come true ! That may ring a bell to some of  you. Not a regular feature though, as we are just celebrating the meeting of the amazing gang of our Fucked Up friends and our beloved Dutch photographer Yorick Nube for a  straight- forward exchange. Let's embrace the electric FUC mood and spread the love, the sun means a lot to him.  (...)FUC: What’s the most fucked-up experience you had during one of your... [Lire la suite]
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Ice Queens

It's 30°C outside and we're in the mood for ice cream. So, here is the cream of the top at Ice Models in Milan right now. Three super-ladies of the refreshing kind, three girls with different looks and equally high potential. Three of a kind, three in a trillion. Meet Brenda, Michaela and Tatiana on a sunny Sunday afternoon. June is coming soon. Brenda Diaz @ Ice (Milan) Brenda already got her only-girl report two days ago and we promised you more. So, here is a little more. After the polas, come the pictures. After the raw... [Lire la suite]
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A newborn Blog and a Star in making

    Olga @ d'management (Milan) Development! Here we go. We've already introduced Olga from every angle but she keeps astonishing us with every single new shot. Last one was in front of Matteo Montanari and it looks both very Milano-chic and very international good book. A good mix these days is hard to find and we've got it. Hold it preciously. Catchy and classy and nothing less than both at the same time.And, as we are talking about such things that are tossing and turning, surprising, amazing, eye-catching beyond... [Lire la suite]
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