Fashion does it Better


Fashion Does It Better (than politics)

Tina Veshaguri for L'Officiel Manila. We love her for ages and her new look perfectly meets the way she moves. Indiah Lavers – she's got a card, we hope for some lovely debuts in New York City this fall. And we wish we were able to do this intro in a happier mood. Had a special meal for breakfast today: an article on Trump Models, and that wasn't a few enraptured lines to say how much the author was electrified by Katie Moore's newest digitals (as we are) or how mesmerizing are Tina Veshaguri's poses and gazes (as we are too,... [Lire la suite]
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Wanted: Tina

        Tina Veshaguri @ Next We were just telling you how much we love these little words from people who worked with our favorite models. Photographers, agents, stylists... You can imagine an agent will always have a nice word to say about his own new faces, sometimes you just can't be mistaken in any way. When the three polas came to us, the only comment from Next was perfect body and 5'11 (180) and an army of exclamation marks. A minimalist introduction was all she needed to catch our attention to the max.... [Lire la suite]
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