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Die gleichen Lieder

    Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan) Same old songs ? Sometimes. Same old reactions towards Toni Garrn's editorial performances (here by Camilla Akrans for latest German Vogue) can be read all over the internet. Lack of expressions, not enough energy or whatever, there is always something to be criticized in a model's career or book and Toni's success surely brought its full batch of negative comments as well. If we often consider critics as useless or pointless - especially when it turns into repetitive negativity, those against... [Lire la suite]
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Once Upon A Time They Were Human Too

Edita Vilkeviciute @ Viva (Paris), DNA (NY) and Toni Garrn @ Women (Paris), Women (NY) It’s not really all about fashion, it’s rather a style and culture magazine but often features some nice fashion stories. From these precious little editorials with the “dark horses” of the season or the unexpected pieces like this week: Toni Garrn and Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Karl Lagerfeld right after his Chanel Cruise show in Venice. This magazine is simply called L’Express Styles and is just another supplement coming with a french... [Lire la suite]
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Prada Talking feat. The Girl Who Sails Across The Wind

Viktoriya Sasonkina @ Women (NY) Twice on the cover and thrice inside, she's a Vogue Italia girl who's hard to hide. Taking part of the Prada ads and Alberta Ferretti for the second time in a row. Building up her portfolio the same selective way she booked her shows, only the best ones and the best for her, where she'll hit the target eyes-closed. Well, better keep them open as they're a huge part of her appeal if not exactly what you can't overlook. One of our previous post on her was called "Eye-catching eyes" and we thought... [Lire la suite]

Jewels are shining bright

  It's Prada so it has already been seen almost everywhere on the internet. No new picture and not even fresh news. Just this Prada picture again. Was quite a good feeling to discover it a few days, right before everything slows down for the end of the year. We too might slow down. But won't disappear and you still can expect some updates before 2009. We finally decided to post this picture for two reasons. First one is obvious - Sasonkinian news can't wait here. Some of you will find we're completely biased if we say she... [Lire la suite]

You can run, you can't run away from Toni

Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan), Women (NY), Modelwerk (Hamburg) It's almost incredible how many times we heard comments on Toni Garnn being topless in Vogue Italia since last issue, also by Steven Meisel. Some people consider her as too young for this. We don't. Each his own of course and it's up to everyone to have his own point on this. All we can say is there is no voyeurism, even less pornography in any of these pictures. November or December issue. Maybe it's just us, what we see with our very own eyes. All we see, then, is a young... [Lire la suite]
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It's simply written Toni Garnn

      Toni Garrn @ Modelwerk (Hamburg), Joy (Milan), Women (NY), Storm (London), Women (Paris) We went to Germany last week across the wind and snow. Dark morning, bright finds. Among them was most recent issue of Tush, featuring Iris Strubegger on the cover, Maxine Schiff and... Toni Garrn. The first thing we do each time we open a Tush is search for the editorial where make-up artist Yasmin Heinz worked with. Very often it happens to be the story shot by Felix Lammers and it happened again. The team is back and the... [Lire la suite]
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Toni Toni and the double dilemma

Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan), Women (NY), Modelwerk (Germany) It's Vogue Italia's newest issue and we are all turning our head to... Germany. German girls on the cover and in the main editorial by Steven Meisel. Hot news, hard topic actually. Would be easier today to pick some girls from Sergey Nagorny's website and say how great they are instead of doing this. It's quite interesting nonetheless. Trying to analyse why Toni get our attention while both her and Katrin Thormann are on the cover. It's always heartbreaking, though. Don't... [Lire la suite]
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Explosive Toni Garrn

  Toni Garrn @ Joy (Milan) Innocent Toni Garrn was the title of her editorial in Vogue Germany's issue dedicated to Mario Testino. We can't disagree on the fact there's a certain innocence in her look yet we'd rather say in some of her looks instead of her look. Because it's becoming more and more obvious that she's able to adapt to many different stylings and express her potential in various ways. Not only the clean Calvin Klein look of her early runway debuts. Of course the light make-up remained a favorite of many stylists... [Lire la suite]
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Toni is Toni (Never Regret)

Toni Garrn @ Joy Models (Milan) Toni Garrn belongs to the models that have been a tad too rare this season, for our taste, yet it has its advantages. If we're still hungry for more Toni on runways, we're sure at least that she wasn't used the wrong way (the wrong show, the wrong casting, the wrong styling...) and every appearance is warmly welcome (well, on the runway side, there was just CK but the make-up suits her perfectly) as this last editorial from i-D, shot by Richard Bush. After Vogue Italia, now it's time for this... [Lire la suite]
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TUSH #1 2008

  Gertrud by Armin Morbach Eve by Felix Lammers New Tush is in stores ! We have to plan a trip in Germany for this week or the next one. Tush is our must-buy beauty magazine as you probably know it. Tons of editorials with tons of models and the right touch of creativity we need to appreciate it from the first to the last page. This issue is featuring Toni Garrn as its cover-girl which could mean an great vision turned to the near future. A concept, a way of life and a way of being beautiful. We always feel more... [Lire la suite]
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