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Remix #2: Now or Never

        Anne Sophie @ Modelwerk (Germany), Ford (NY), Fabiana @ Marilyn (NY), Elin @ Elite (NY) and Pauline @ Marilyn (NY) The Now Girls. Sounds quite deja vu, sounds like this concept has been used over and over again. Nothing new under the sun or above the thick snow coat laying on the ground. But after all, this kind of stories counts among the regular excercises in fashion and modeling, the same way as "the best items of the season" or whatever they are called. A bunch of models, who embody the zeitgeist... [Lire la suite]

Eyes wide open

 Masha Tyelna @ Women Management Deutsch #32, recently released in bookstores, features the cutest combo of the fashion industry: Viktoriya Sasonkina and Masha Tyelna. Viktoriya is in the editorial a few posts below and Masha's just there in her beauty story, by Tony Kim. We love the styling... and the title. Eyes wide open.
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