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Cheriladyladyladylei (Papier Tue-Mouche in Lucky Love)

Whoever takes the polas at Trump is an accomplished genius. Whoever told her to dress in green shares the same quality as mentioned before (if she took the decision herself, then she, Katie Moore, is that very same genius, especially with the shoes she wears – would love to be them just to be in touch with her feet). We usually wait for editorials to come but she can turn a single snap into a piece of art and that leaves the wildest hopes of ours alive and hard beating (heart-crunched!). Whatever the alls and all the abouts,... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Katie: up Beside That Red Firelight (The Skin She's In)

We've never been fond of overnight makeovers for no reason but when a butterly suddenly goes out of its chrysalis to fly straight ahead to our stomach (and we were bloody ravenous lately), we're not the kind to resist too long before melting from head to toe. And it's very few to say that Katie Moore just went out of her shell when she opened Alexander Wang's latest collection earlier this month in New York City. When others blush, she just ignites and the meaning of redhead has never been so accurate, so bright, so flaming,... [Lire la suite]
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Happy Twilights

Ilse Suvaal @ ID Model Management (The Netherlands) Long time no feature on Ilse but our next one had to be epic or at least visually thrilling. Epic might not be the word yet but visually thrilling certainly fits for her latest work from New York, where she's signed with Trump now. Other agency, same good formula: Ilse's potential hasn't moved (or if it has, we'd rather say it's for the very best) and we are allowed to keep our initially high expectations when it comes to her career. If nobody can predict, we can still use our eyes... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 2: Diana

      Diana Tanaeva @ Trump (NY) Vivienne Tam offered us once again a panoramic vision of the new faces in town. We always love that casting for unveiling some of the most talented newcomers of New York and this season is no exception with an extended bunch of our favorites getting a spot there: Stasya, Daniela, Alisa, Anastasia, Anne Sophie, Romana, Wiktoria and the list could go on forever. Though, one of the most impressive is certainly Diana Tanaeva, the 5'11 dark brunette who caught our attention even before the... [Lire la suite]
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Paris is calling: SOS for Lia

    Lia Serge @ Avant (Russia), Elite (Paris), Trump (NY) One of our favorite models from Avant Models in Moscow (and we can swear you we've got dozens of darlings there) is ready for/in Paris, with Elite Model Management (second Elite girl today, cheers). Lia Serge is the right face on the right body but the right face would already be enough to describe her striking potential. Feline gaze and super-stunning jaws are the perfect formula and it shows again on her tests by Lev Efimov. She also shows how playful she can... [Lire la suite]
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Neon-bright Fiction

Ataui Deng @ Trump (NY) First time we featured Ataui she was wearing a fluorescent green outfit. It was last year, when she signed with Trump in New York. Unmatched cuteness meeting uncanny intensity. It's precisely her intense side which is highlighted in her editorial from Deutsch magazine, captured by Kutlu with the stylish help of Kasia Pysiak. Her emotional side who shines like a little light in the middle of the shadows, this story being delightful darkness from page one to the end. Not the same effect as a neon-bright... [Lire la suite]
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Together they are strong (black and blue)

    Masha Kirsanova @ Trump (NY), Ella Kandyba @ Trump (NY) Young talents, bright brilliant energy, fresh and daring etc. Themes for today that have been too much viewed with the eyes of yesteryear. Not at Trump at least. Not when Bradford Gregory holds the camera. Not when the young and strong ladies are called Masha Kirsanova (another avant garde Avant girl) and Ella Kandyba. If you're looking forward to seeing some people crossing some borders and breaking down fences, here you go. It's not that spectacular... [Lire la suite]
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Four and five

Siri Tollerod @ Joy (Milan), Trump (NY) Second girl from Joy Milan to get a story in one of our favorite magazines. Siri. Another Siri maybe and still the Siri we love, maybe closer to our vision of Siri. Siri Siri Siri. We're not the only to think there is really a lot of unexplored potential, unveiled emotions, things that haven't been seen on glossy paper while they are obvious in backstage. Here you go, follow Hans Feurer in latest issue of Muse. Cuteness and flowers are still there, still sweet and Siri probably won't get rid... [Lire la suite]
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Don't stop to dance

Masha Kirsanova @ Trump (NY) Balakina's got the lyrical appeal of her name, Masha's got the rythmic vibe to enhance the voltage and volume here right before fashion week begins. We often say models "can move" or "knows how to move in front of the camera". It's turning into sweet euphemisms when you see Masha on her digitals. You can always direct the model to pose like this or that. There are things one won't do while the other will. Very naturally. And if you want to know the truth, this poses are completely... [Lire la suite]
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Ataui's Neon-Apple-Green Issue

Ataui Deng @ Trump (NY) She's one of the latest eye-catcher to come on the screen these last weeks. Who hasn't noticed this graceful, delicate silhouette in that flashy neon-apple-green dress ? Our current feeling is that she shares something with our beloved Natasha (just below). They obviously don't look alike yet we can't help thinking there's something striking in the combination of an extremely cute face and a tall, leggy silhouette. Which is the most attractive fact about both. Back to Ataui and only Ataui, the graceful... [Lire la suite]
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