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One Month To Countdown

Polina Ponomareva @ VG Models (Russia) Alevtina Zyablitskaya @ VG Models (Russia) One month or even one month minus one day. June will be the last drop, the last step. Certainly no climax but a good month to post some extras or retrospective reviews, to plan some last collaborations with agencies we had a good time working with and hope we will have enough opportunities time wise to drop a note on everyone falling into this category. Thinking of all the ways to make these last plans happen but have to manage future projects first so... [Lire la suite]
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No Weather Forecast

        Julia Ponomareva @ V.G. Model Management (Russia) Model careers can start like springtime weather, going through many changes from one day to the other and who would forget this parameter might have a hard time handling the situation. One day the sun shines bright and the next day you're going through an unexpected storm and pouring rain (which day is the luckiest is up to each own tastes). Julia Ponomareva is just starting, right now and no one has to care about meteorology in her case yet. And rare are... [Lire la suite]
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Tiny Thrill and No Gamble

    Daria Sayapina @ V.G. Model Management (Russia) It's been a while since we didn't publish anything on a "new face". Because the show season was going wild and it just becomes pointless to introduce anyone unsigned when everybody is watching the castings and collections. Also because it goes too easily over the place, gets out of tune and the message gets blured. Good new models are rather easy to find, great ones are quite harder to spot and the crowd of aspiring "newcomers of the season" is turning our initial... [Lire la suite]
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