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TMSRRE part 0: Wanted Women

      Viktoriya Sasonkina opens the ball for our second season of TMSRRE (The Most Subjective Runway Review Ever) as the symbol of these selections, having a predilection for New York runways. Fingers crossed as we want her to bite in the Big Apple again,  tomorrow is going to be the serious start of everything and we're watching the schedule with a neon-yellow pen in our hand. We are ready.Next one is Mina Cvetkovic, a former (and future?) post-TMSRRE-girl and Viktoriya's campaign mate. We've been... [Lire la suite]

The Woman at Women

  Valeria Dmitrienko @ Women (NY) She's one of our absolute darlings at Women NY and we're following every step she does. On the catwalk and on glossy paper. Now it's all about Tokion which seems like a good new addition after French and Flair. By Cass Bird, styled by JJ Farrer. We thought she was perfect for our recently-launched model-updates on Lexposure. We've never missed an opportunity to write on Valeria and this editorial just makes another amazing reason to do it. Do it and still do it. And do it again. Check out... [Lire la suite]
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Steamy ice

  Valeria Dmitrienko @ Women (NY) We thought it was big time for an update on Valeria. She was our second featured girl of the season after walking a few shows in NY. First striking thing: if she didn't book too many shows, she only booked selective ones. Remarkable. Even more remarkable is the way she kept the high level till the end of fashion weeks. Such a suitable ending called Givenchy. From NY to Milan then Paris via Narciso Rodriguez, L'Wren Scott, Costello Tagliapetra, Salvatore Ferragamo or Zucca, all we love to see is... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 2: Valeria

  Valeria Dmitrienko @ Women (NY) It's hard to stamp her as this kind of beauty or that type of model. It's hard to say where she exactly belongs and she probably doesn't belong anywhere. Anyway. To make it easier to understand, we believe she embodies - perfectly - a timeless version of beauty. Timeless in terms of seasons, decades, centuries. You could find some reminiscences of past icons or even references to futuristic visions in the different looks we saw of her. The secret might be (in) the cheekbones. It's often where... [Lire la suite]
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