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The Performer

          Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) There are days you write about your expectations and days you describe how they've come true. Many posts dedicated to Valerie were expectations, fuelled by some die-hard faith in a young model slowly yet steadily building a book. This time visuals went far beyond beliefs, expectations turned out to be relevant, we weren't dreaming of Valerie becoming a great model but were watching it. Live. If in many of her previous works, apart from the most recent... [Lire la suite]
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She's got the Look

        Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) We could write exactly the same as we did for Maaike, what haven't we said on Valerie that you'd need to know. Well, what you might be interested in right now is her brand new TopShop materials (make-up campaign), just released last week. For everything else, it's the same good old love for her look and modeling work. We didn't add her to the Muses section of the page for no reason and best is that we actually didn't wake up one day with that idea. She... [Lire la suite]
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Doughty Dreamer

        Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) The weather is so nice and the atmosphere is so odd that we were just thinking about doing a post like "We Are Closed Until Next Week" when Valerie's latest materials (for designer Elliot Atkinson) arrived, with a theme that is the exact opposite of the mood here. Spooky, greyish black and white picture which immediately reminds you of fall and makes you feel like tomorrow is the 1st of September. The contrast is rather refreshing and redirects you to topics... [Lire la suite]
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Rouge & Noir

      Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) Key word: development. Aka: the moment that takes a lot of time when you want to make it right. Where: Marie Claire Greece and Glamour US. What's up: different moods, traveling physically and mentally. The results: above and below. Shall we continue like this and keep this pattern for all our future entries or already forget about that telegraphic style ? Was a suitable intro and that might be it and it certainly won't replace a detailed analysis or a longer... [Lire la suite]
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Now everbody wants a fake ice-cream

        Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) Already featured Valerie a few times recently and our little fingers told us it's not about to stop soon. Editorials are literally pouring in her book these days and we're certainly not unhappy with this. Piece of today is from italian edition of Grazia and quality goes above the usual standards of the mag (even if it wouldn't be the first time we dig out some jewels there). A teaspoon of awkwardness keeps her as fresh as can be though she got more confident... [Lire la suite]
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Favors and Flavors

    Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) Happy (busy) Monday! Valerie is regularly featured here and we wouldn't be surprised if we decided to put her in our MUSES section one day or another. After an evolution from shy unexperienced newbie (yeah, you know the story) to a full-blossoming young lady playing with her presence on any kind of glossy paper, Valerie's career rythm finally went completely uptempo. With the kind of major materials that allows her to express like never before (see Elle Italia above), her... [Lire la suite]
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Growing and Glowing

    Valerie Van De Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) It's just a short update but still a milestone in Valerie's career. Needless to repeat the whole story again, we've been featuring her once per week lately and you might get our point on a shy girl who recently started to blossom. In front of cameras and everywhere else. Interesting fact arrived from Paris where she shot with photographer Jonathan Segade (nice to feature his work again!) . For many girl, many models and especially blond ones, this styling and atmosphere... [Lire la suite]
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Just can't stop (all around the world)

Valerie Van Der Graaf @ SPS (The Netherlands) We already told you the story. The young and shy Valerie who, little by little yet faster than expected, turned into a true model using hundred percent of her potential. We already told you but, as in every beautiful story, a brand new and as much beautiful chapter is getting written again. After making her (strong) marks in towns like Paris and especially Milan, Valerie is rocking London (with Select) with the same might. Blond hair and thick brown eyebrows work everywhere, sweet and... [Lire la suite]
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Overcoming Procrastination

        Valerie Van Der Graaf  @ SPS (The Netherlands) Time went by and she looks as fresh as on day one. Was a few seasons ago, Place Vendome in Paris, Valerie was just in for one show. Since that beautiful moment on a cold afternoon, the blonde with brows from SPS Model Management in Amsterdam has learnt how to use her huge potential at its max and even beyond its limits. Her initial shyness turned into poise with time and cuteness became sophistication. Only freshness remains. There might be no better... [Lire la suite]
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