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      Fleurance @ Vandemast Model Management (The Netherlands) Maybe we're wrong tonight but maybe we're so right. The future will tell us and as we often think: the moment tells the story. Or writes it if we don't have a pen in hand to write it ourselves. Spring vibe, summer weather and good energy that nobody could stop. Funny feeling, no rush no frenzy but the impression everything is moving and rather in the right direction. Path is not easy and nothing is, in fashion at least and in life in general. Enough with... [Lire la suite]
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Fleurance @ Vandemast Model Management (The Netherlands) Recently launched and working on a boutique-sized roster with an exclusive approach, Vandemast Model Management represents girls of various beauty-types (though the classical, timeless kind seems to dominate yet) who are at different stages in their careers from well-known names like Ymre Stiekema to much newer players like Fleurance. If it's always a big plus to mention the models who already reached a certain level in fashion, we keep believing that you get a more accurate... [Lire la suite]
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