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// Parallel Lines //

Abbey Lee Kershaw @ Next, cover by Richard Prince styled by Tamara Rothstein. Bottom left you can see a little scar on the magazine that travelled a lot before arriving at home here. Got POP in hands, finally found it in town. It took a while till it arrived at our local bookstore but it's here, big and beautiful. Our copy suffered a little from travelling to our half-godforsaken city but it's still amazing to have it, smell it, read it, look at it over and over again. A magazine really becomes a magazine the day you can touch ... [Lire la suite]

There's no Legend without Controversy

    Myf Shepherd @ Next (Paris) and Katlin Aas @ Marilyn (Paris) Taken from Pop's latest issue, taken in the middle of nowhere it seems, like captured en catimini (by Mark Borthwick, fashionized by Vanessa Reid). Truth is known not to make too much noise but shocks rewrite the sense of truth everytime we need a new definition. Which is often salvatory for people who work around the notion of beauty. Myf Shepherd and Katlin Aas, together on a picture, in the red and yellow rays of light. Two worlds cross within the same... [Lire la suite]
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