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The Third Girl

      Siri Crafoord @ Joy (Milan) Just the way we said yesterday, it shouldn't take too much time before Joy updates us on the third girl in Amica's casting. If you took a close look at the previous set of pictures, you might have noticed the name Siri is mentioned on some pages so here comes Siri. But neither Siri Tollerod (also with Joy) nor Siri Laude (with Modelwerk). Siri Crafoord, from Mikas in Stockholm and signed with Viva as well. Meet the third girl, who deserved her spot here and much as her two co-stars of... [Lire la suite]
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Zuzana's truth

Zuzana Gregorova @ Viva (London), Viva (Paris), Why Not (Milan), DNA (NY) Didn't we say yesterday and the day before we love Exit girls ? Maybe here is the first of all of them. The first ever and still our current favorite. Jaws, eyes and brows you can't forget. We've never forgotten and her name is probably the one we wrote the most in our press reviews. Busy girls with editorials and covers every months on french and italian magazines mostly. Runways seem to be another place she can call home. While recent editorials include... [Lire la suite]
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