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TMSRRE part 2: Diana

      Diana Tanaeva @ Trump (NY) Vivienne Tam offered us once again a panoramic vision of the new faces in town. We always love that casting for unveiling some of the most talented newcomers of New York and this season is no exception with an extended bunch of our favorites getting a spot there: Stasya, Daniela, Alisa, Anastasia, Anne Sophie, Romana, Wiktoria and the list could go on forever. Though, one of the most impressive is certainly Diana Tanaeva, the 5'11 dark brunette who caught our attention even before the... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 3: Ediely

Ediely Scapinello @ Muse (NY) Part three. We don't know how many parts this series will include, we just feel Ediely might be a real milestone. For various reasons. One of them could be that there are only two days left in NY and if those are meant to be among the most suprising of the whole week, there is a remarkable amount of things and facts that can be considered as important enough to be mentinoned in our articles. Ediely's first steps are a part of them. The Brazilian at Muse deserves more than a few lines even if she... [Lire la suite]
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