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TMSRRE part 6: Eniko

  Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY) It's not exactly subjective at first sight, picking Eniko as a favorite this season as we guess we won't be the only ones to add her on the list. She obviously belongs to the most watched and most successful girls so far due to a perfect week in NY and a clever timing for her editorial book (gracing the cover and an editorial in V55). Only a few other girls were able to follow this rythm, maybe only one other actually - Viktoriya Sasonkina (the most exclusive showlist and a Vogue Italia... [Lire la suite]
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Catherine McNeil

Who have never heard of Catherine McNeil ? Of her latest covers ? Of her exclusive contract with Mario Testino ? Yes, seems that she's in everyone's mouth and mind right now. This so-called supermodels hype ? In my opinion, this just fits today's zeitgeist. So, better forget about it if you don't like this "hype", it has nothing to do with Catherine. And better enjoy all those pictures and covers if you like HER. You may not be fond of her, it's a matter of taste but don't overlook her for wrong reasons. I do... [Lire la suite]
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