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Lexposed Lady: Polina

      Polina Synyavska @ Vo! Models (Ukraine), Why Not (Milan) Who's your favorite face of the season ? Please, put a S at the end of face because it's too hard to come up with one name. No one and only, not this season and most likely not in the future. You couldn't even give ten names of girls who are clearly above of the others. Actually, we could find enough bright and brillant newbies for a weekly feature from Fall 2009 to Spring 2010. That's how we picked Polina, 5'9"5 and from Vo! Models in Kiev. She's... [Lire la suite]
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I or Y, DIY

  Katia Kulyzhka @ Women (Milan) She looks more mature or less childish but hasn't lost anything of that fresh vibe of her debuts. Katia still radiates. Shining and glowing. Good vibrations. Our living doll has improved her palette of expressions and emotions but remains über-impish on every single shot. She already graced a few pages in a recent issue of Jalouse dedicated to DIY fashion and a couple of catwalks in Paris. 5'8"5 and forever cute, the Ukrainian from Vo! Models in Kiev (home of Naty, Polina, Oxana...) is... [Lire la suite]
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Agency of the Week #04

We thought Vo! Models Management would be an obvious choice, soon or later that's why we'd better do it right now and introduce you to their fantastic board. Sure there are still a lot more that are worth a look but we can only pick a few of them though that was maybe the choice of the models that was harder this week. Rather than selecting an agency. So, what does Vo! look like ? Like a good Ukrainian agency, some major faces, some amazing newbies... Let's check them all and talk after.  Anchik  Ludmila  Nastya ... [Lire la suite]
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