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Erin Heatherton @ Joy Models (Milan) We're not impressed by Meisel's latest cover for Vogue Italia. Not thrilled by another cover for Natalia Vodianova. Don't see the point, don't see this mag's vibe in this choice. Want to be astonished by their covers. At least we can still rely on the contents. Sure they'll be an editorial with Natalia. But some nice surprises to expect as well. As Erin Heatherton in the beauty editorial and a few fresh faces to expect. Icon ? Icons ? We don't really need to be told who it is and what makes an... [Lire la suite]
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Erin Heatherton @ Joy Models (Milan), Marilyn (Paris) and Marilyn (NY) Erin Heatherton. The kind of name that is easy to remember. Sounds good, sounds familiar. Just like her, after all. She's got this kind of cuteness which hits your eyes at first sight and will remain in your mind forever. Everything sounds simple and natural but if there is no doubt she's a natural beauty, that looks effortlessly great even after washing away her make-up in backstage, there's something much more elaborated about her. What's exactly the secret... [Lire la suite]
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Margaryta by Greg Lotus

 Margaryta Senchylo by Greg Lotus, courtesy of Joy Models Now we know this brand new issue of Vogue Italia is going to be amazing. More than amazing. More than awesome. The cover is marvelous (see below), dreamy, the main editorial by Meisel is pure love with a star-studded casting and the countryside theme seems to be shining all over the issue. Just check the "Suggestions" part, shot by Greg Lotus. Remember how graceful she was holding a shrimp in Vogue Germany, Margaryta Senchylo must be the most talented model for... [Lire la suite]
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The Winners so far...

Kamila Filipcikova @ IMG /Agnete Hegelund @ Ford The show season has begun. For real, now. Even if Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein, aka the most watched collections (and castings), haven't shown yet. That means still a huge room for expectations. For big expectations and big surprises. And sometimes odd speculation. Though the fashion week in NY has already seen a certain amount of decent shows and important castings. And you can already tell who's done this, who's done that. Who's done well. No career is safe and steady at that... [Lire la suite]
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[ without title ]

Vogue Italia june'07by Steven Meiselmodels: Adina Fohlin, Malgosia Bela(also featured in this ed: Rie Rasmussen,  Bridget Hall...) thanks Modelhistory for the scans
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Kinga & Meisel

Last year, it was Coco Rocha who was one of Steven Meisel's favorite models for his Italian Vogue editorials. A powerful collaboration. Also Heather Bratton (we miss her a lot... never will forget her) did an amazing job on his pics, sometimes together with Coco. Other rather recent names include Sasha Pivovarova, Hilary Rhoda and Irina Lazareanu (I've just read the jan'06 issue again this morning) and next one might be Irina Kulikova. But let's check what today's like before speculating about tomorrow. Today, it's Kinga Rajzak.... [Lire la suite]
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Vogue Italia february 07

A rumor said it would be Courtney Love on the cover. I have nothing against her... as a singer ! I prefer models on Vogue covers by far and this one hasn't one but two (great !!!) models instead of Courtney. Just love it, just can't wait to see what's inside. Coco and Hilary, simply wow !
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Vogue Italia model supplement

Vogue Italia loves them
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Magdalena Frackowiak by Greg Kadel    
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