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    Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY) Let's cut the chase: sorry for the drama and no, we're not done yet, FDIB is still alive! Just a few busy weeks keeping us away from our usual screen session. This next week is going to be another hectic one so keep being patient a few more days but we should be back for good in December and stay a little longer than Santa Claus. These days are actually a very precious time for us first because of the 4th birthday of FDIB, running full time since late autumn, early winter of... [Lire la suite]
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The End

Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY) The end or the beginning. Or the never ending circle, like seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring again but no Spring ever look like the previous one. So, if an end is never really an end, a beginning is never really a beginning either. That's life, sorry if this is easy to say. You never know when things are going to stop and what's going to replace or keep the same vibe alive. But instead of babbling on the beginnings and ends of things (times? eras?), the Springs and Falls, the alphas and... [Lire la suite]
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Do Not Need Science, Just Beauty Etc.

The 'game' has officially started but the 'games' are not done yet. Even if everyone here and there wants everyone else there and here to believe the affair is packed for the season. Predictions, bets, wild guesses and whatever else it could be: every mouth right now can say five or ten names, even with the best luck the final results have high chances to be dramatically different. That might be a very interesting season (still ahead of us for now) and we're living the most boring and frustrating part of it somehow... in a few days... [Lire la suite]
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It Took Just One Look, And We Understood

        Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY) Brown eyes, brown hair with curly locks... could start our story with a basic description of her looks, could start now and go on forever with words or just stop now and let you admire these polaroids and first outtakes from her book. Could start where it started for her, Annabelle, one of the newest Women in town and a native newyorker, could give you numbers as well but intensity doesn't need numbers. Confusion always means high impression to us and if we have troubles... [Lire la suite]
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On and On, All in All

Lais Ribeiro @ Joy Star System, Joy Model Management (Sao Paulo), Women Management (NY) Finally. We have our opportunity to drop a few lines on Lais Ribeiro. We were watching her, day in day out since she appeared at her mother agency, Joy Star System. Obvious beauty, too striking not to get noticed in a glimpse yet seemed to came out of nowhere. So quick, so unexpected and so expectable at the same time as great debuts can be. We just had enough time to think of featuring her and she was already signed with Women, New York. And... [Lire la suite]


Were just writing on that recreate theme about One Management's online moves, it could have been a suitable title for an entry on Ubah Hassan too. Not only regarding her own career, also the way her beauty moves the lines on several different fronts. The idea of a feature on Ubah came to our minds while working on Bruna Tenorio's story by Christian MacDonald a few times ago as we learnt they live in the same area of New York and by same area we mean quite close. And it kept making sense when you consider Ubah is a perennial Ralph... [Lire la suite]
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In Truth

  Bruna Tenorio @ Women (NY) Real rhubarb fields or virtual Wisconsin, mental lanscape and strange birds singing on canvas. So strange are the ways of inspiration, never taking the shortest ways -- no straight lines. And you stand there in the middle of that mess, trying to hide in the shadows near the toilets door where all the pieces from previous exhibitions are waiting for some future epic moments that may not come. So strange and quite funny how your mind makes links where you wouldn't see them with your eyes or ... [Lire la suite]
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Jamie comme Jamais

        Jamie Bochert @ Women (NY) Didn't watch her rise back to her early days but didn't wait to jump of joy when she opened Marc Jacobs a few seasons ago. Since then, Jamie's career just goes by one name: expensive. From the shock of her runway appearances to the unlimited chic of her editorial stuff, Jamie just rules. Vogue Italia covers, pages in Purple and this four pieces from Another Magazine (definitely adore that issue, if you hadn't already understood this). Shot by Dan Jackson and styled by Mattias... [Lire la suite]
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Click, Clack... Bam!

Shannan Click @ Women (NY) First time we met Shannan in Paris was a very short moment and couldn't even remember the name of the show. Since then, she quite left the runways but kept the level of her printwork sky-high. And left us with that very good question that has no answer: how can such a delicate woman (in person) look so strong in her editorials. From cheeky to fierce (sorry for the pretty bad wording), Shannan almost means power when you think of all the fashion stories she did for several A-list magazines. But Shannan also... [Lire la suite]
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Like a rose in the snow

        Ginta Lapina @ Women (NY) It's Ginta Lapina by Greg Kadel but it's not so Ginta by not so Kadel. It's from latest issue of Numéro but doesn't look very Numéro at first sight. It's a little revolution that brought back some smiles here at the end of the day. We never expected to see this side of Ginta. Never. As expressive as she usually is (on the runway, backstage and everywhere else), she remains pretty shy-looking in a very delicate manner, never giving too much to the camera - just enough to make you... [Lire la suite]
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