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The Modelmakers

      Xenia Micsanschi @ Mandarina (Romania) Any mother agent considering himself as a model supplier would seriously misunderstand his role in today's process of finding then developing new talents for market such as Paris or New York. And we'd like to insist on the development part, too often considered as belonging to the american or french agency's duties and not to the mother agent's field of action. It's one thing to scout high-potential teenagers who might have their chances in fashion, it's a totally different... [Lire la suite]
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Arty Party at Mandarina Models

    Xenia @ Mandarina Models (Romania) The Mandarinas are back and we're going to feature two ones this morning. They are not only two of the most striking new girls we've seen lately, they are not only amazing classic beauties with a unique edge, they are also both inspired art students and we've been lucky to see a few of their art works yesterday. Amazing when you can write something else about some newcomers, when you can explore new ways. Let's start with Xenia, sixteen and 5'9 (176 82-59-85), brand new and who... [Lire la suite]
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