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Werk It!

        Anne Sophie Monrad @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Unlike others who start as a storm on worldwide runways, Anne Sophie Monrad started her career with an editorial strength many catwalk queens would go green to have and that some of them will never ever reach even after seasons. Editorial girl ? The new way to go ? We don't want to make any clear statement on what's right or wrong today for a model starting an international career but one sure thing is we do love the way Anne Sophie did it so far. Editorial galore... [Lire la suite]
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  Elianne Smit @ Wilma Wakker (The Netherlands), Viva (Paris), DNA (NY) Love me tender is the title of this story from current TUSH by Armin Morbach with Yasmin Heinz as make-up artists. And it's so true that our love for Elianne is quite tender. As sweet as the light in this editorial yet deep as the intensity of her eyes. She holds that daisy like nobody else.
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TUSH #1 2008

  Gertrud by Armin Morbach Eve by Felix Lammers New Tush is in stores ! We have to plan a trip in Germany for this week or the next one. Tush is our must-buy beauty magazine as you probably know it. Tons of editorials with tons of models and the right touch of creativity we need to appreciate it from the first to the last page. This issue is featuring Toni Garrn as its cover-girl which could mean an great vision turned to the near future. A concept, a way of life and a way of being beautiful. We always feel more... [Lire la suite]
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Archive. What a beautiful name. For a beautiful book. We often use the word "archives" to describe a part of our work and it always heat-up our hearts when we think of it. "Archives" means to us a fantastic, never-ending and everlasting collection of pictures, of the best ones. "Archives" sounds like eternity. That's for the intro. We won't talk about our own archives but about a book. It's indeed all about archives, about Wendy Iles archives. Remember, we've introduced you to Wendy in some previous... [Lire la suite]
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In the mood...

From Vanity Fair Germany,actress Katharina Schüttler by Dieter Eikelpoth, make-up by Yasmin Heinz In the mood for huge smiles. In the mood for expressive faces and fancy dolls. Ready for a moody december, beginning with these four pictures from Vanity Fair, German edition. If this page is not the most accurate place to find the freshest news about actresses, we couldn't not share those marvelous shots that could be an accurate introduction to what's coming next. The future is now and the past is not far away, help yourself and take... [Lire la suite]
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New Tush in stores !

by Armin Morbach,styled by Sascha Gaugel, make-up by Yasmin Heinzmodel: Alexandra Tretter Here it is. The new Tush, the #4 of this year following the three others in their footsteps. High quality editorials that makes you able to buy every issue eyes-closed. With its amazing range of photographers, stylists, make-up artists, models etc. Tush is more than ever the best beauty-oriented fashion magazine in Europe and an absolute highlight from Germany.This issue includes the colorful story shot by Armin Morbach (also editor in chief... [Lire la suite]
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Wound Magazine

  courtesy of Yasmin Heinz It's time to introduce a new mag called Wound. Fashion, art, music and archtecture are among the main topics you'll find here. And as an introduction we've selected an editorial by Peter Zownir modelled by Franziska Franke and with Yasmin Heinz as make-up artist. The same Yasmin we've already featured here for her work in different magazine like Tush or Wig, just to name a few. This editorial, based on movement effects, might be a highlight in both Yasmin and Peter's career. And a good start... [Lire la suite]
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