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        Yulia Terentieva @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Despite the basic fact this kind of studio stories will never get us totally thrilled, there is something refreshing and a lot of high energy in this editorial from most recent issue of UK Elle. And quite a good dose of creativity to turn what could have totally uninspiring into a vivid spread that turns on your mood at the first second. It's spring and the atmosphere to this short story goes with it, both for the first sunny days of March and... [Lire la suite]
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Ravishing, Rastonishing, Rastovic

Aleksandra Rastovic @ Viva (Paris) She was our TMSRRE girl number twenty nine after having such a great season in Paris, leaving us with some unforgettable runway moments from Yves Saint Laurent to Issey Miyake including Dries Van Noten. You will never overlook her in backstages with her 5'11 silhouette, strong yet delicate gaze and expressions, iconic hairdo etc. Unique and out of the blue, exploring some sides of beauty that remained out of the beaten tracks until she hit paris again, last March. Everytime we can update on her... [Lire la suite]
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