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Tu seras toujours Mon Léon

        Yulia Leontieva @ Silent (Paris), Storm (London), Marilyn (NY), Why Not (Milan) Mags and musics, pages and pitches. That's the way the afternoon went away (already). Started by chance while buying that infamous salmon sandwich for lunch and turned into one of the biggest topic of the year so far. The Editorial Evening. Magazine galore at FDIB and Yulia Leontieva in Lula. Partly because of Yulia in Lula, actually. True to herself -- shy, playful, impish, flirtatious and all of them at the same moment, Yulia... [Lire la suite]
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Yulia Leontieva @ Marilyn (NY) And here we  go again. First day of full frenzy, first shows, fresh news and fab updates. Just heard of the casting at BCBG Max Azria in New York, just fell in love with the mood. Seeing how the first shows are totally living up our expectations leaves us with high hopes for the whole season. Surprises. And girls who increase their power, like Yulia Leontieva going international for real at BCBG. Read more on Lexposure to see how the season is starting off on the right foot and stay tuned for daily... [Lire la suite]
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It's almost midnight but we're not dreaming

            Yulia Leontieva @ Marilyn (NY) It could have been a dream, though. Yulia by James Mahon. The perfect team. Who else could have been able to portrait this unveiled side of Yulia ? Almost serious without losing anything of her playful way to pose in front of the camera. She's using this unique ability to express something different and it was probably one of the greatest opportunity for her. The backgrounds, the overall mood. Another thing is that we don't always use so many pictures from the... [Lire la suite]
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She took pictures without her dress (but with lipstick)

Yulia Leontieva @ Metropolitan (Paris), Marilyn (NY), Storm (London), Why Not (Milan) One hand typing, the other holding a glass of wine. One eye looking at the screen, one ear listening to the randomness around. Was yesterday evening's atmophere. Plus some loud sound thrown from the old radio, the fast steps in the corridor. The door. Open, closed. And open again. Talking with our friend who's currently in Berlin and enjoying some gorgeously random architecture. Doing too many things at once. Should stop for five minutes and... [Lire la suite]
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I want to take a picture with my dress !

Yulia Leontieva @ Metropolitan (Paris) The most versatile Latvian in Paris has already caught our eyes at Josep Font during Couture fashion week in july. The same also caught her eyes with her tests and early polaroid sheet. It reminds actually of one of our ealy articles about the eyes and the eye-lids and that's probably where the little secret of Yulia is taking its roots. Even more striking, is there anything cuter on earth than a model telling you in backstage "I want to take a picture with my dress!". And the story goes on,... [Lire la suite]
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