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        Yulia Terentieva @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Despite the basic fact this kind of studio stories will never get us totally thrilled, there is something refreshing and a lot of high energy in this editorial from most recent issue of UK Elle. And quite a good dose of creativity to turn what could have totally uninspiring into a vivid spread that turns on your mood at the first second. It's spring and the atmosphere to this short story goes with it, both for the first sunny days of March and... [Lire la suite]
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There And Now

Here we go, show packages and the 'big four' about to start soon. Next week, bookmark it etc. Time for most of the modeling world and fashion planet to get crazy again, welcome back to the flight frenzy and endless wars to get a cab and all these little things that make a fashion week what it is. But let's stick to the first point now: show packages. You know (or we hope you do) review packages has never been our favorite part of the job but instead of taking it as a necessary evil, we always tried to imagine this is a positive... [Lire la suite]
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Rising Stars

             models: Katja Shchekina, Ekaterina Kashyntseva, Helena Magone, Yulia Terentieva, Heidi Johnsen, Mina Cvetkovic, Sofie Nielander, Sara Emilia Bernat, Vika Kuropyatnikova, Misha Parzkosz, Margot Vidalenc, Yuliana Bondarby Joachim Baldauf, styled by Emily Barnesmake-up: Yasmin Heinz, hair: Armin Morbach[many thanks to Helligirl for scanning the pictures] TUSH always offers a wide range of highly interesting editorials and this brand new issue (#3 '2007)... [Lire la suite]
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