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Great Things Take Time (And Happen)

Juju @ Nathalie (Paris) So long. We've been waiting and this might be the corollary of all our updates today. Slow and steady win the race, again. From upper level London shows to top Paris exposure, Juju Ivanyuk has been on our radar since day one and it's with a huge pleasure that we drop a few more lines tonight. Watching, waiting and seeing it happening, at last. Isn't this fabulous in the end? Patience is gold, more than ever this season when long time favorites like Nathalie's Juju (also signed with d'Management in... [Lire la suite]
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Summer Hit

            Johanna Kneppers, Claudia Seiler and Lys Inger @ d'management (Milan) We don't know if we should say it again as we can almost write it every month but Amica did it again. Could be our motto or the current status of FDIB's facebook page. But let's stay on topic and stick to the story itself, three girls from d'management shot by Massimo Pamparana for the newest issue of Amica. Italian magazine, italian photographer, italian agency and a very international casting that includes Johanna... [Lire la suite]


Melissa Tammerijn @ New York Models (NY), Nathalie (Paris), Union (London), d'management (Milan) This story makes the headlines wherever you'll find her on the Internet! New York Models is heavily blogging as always and naturally included Melissa's Vogue Italia story to their news, Nathalie's blog is on fire these days (also check out Lisanne's latest campaign featured there) and it's the latest post on Union's page after two sweet stories on Alla and Daphne Groeneveld. Makes so much noise at places we love that we couldn't not... [Lire la suite]

Takes Time/Hard to Find

      Ludmilla Dom Perignon @ d'management (Milan) Some models just get a little more precious every season and we wouldn't be totally wrong if we put Ludmilla Dom Perignon in this category. We first noticed her a little while ago, six test shots and a lot of mystery around her name and looks. Discovered by MNGS and launched by Silent Models in Paris, Ludmilla made her first steps on the runway a coupld of seasons ago then only appeared at a limited number of carefully selected shows. Last one in time was Giambattista... [Lire la suite]
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        Sedene, Stephanie, Melissa and Anne Sophie @ d'management (Milan) Drum rolls and heartbeats... here are the latest models to sign with direct-booking boutique in Milan, d'management. And even the number of girls in the package seems just perfect. What do you think of four aces ? La creme de la creme of the current international newbies is right in front of your eyes. Sedene (featured here last November), for example, is already getting an amazing response in New York, gathering the highest hopes around her... [Lire la suite]

TMSRRE part 14: Magdalena

      Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland), Storm (London), d'management (Milan), Ford (NY), Elite (Paris) After meeting her on a sunny day in Berlin last July and watching how things are going for her young career, we're glad to add her to our TMSRRE series this season. London was her highlight and she knew how to combine very different shows on the same booking-list. Take Veryta and Kinder Aggugini for example, difficult to find two shows that are as different as they are in their styling, clothing and overall mood.... [Lire la suite]

Spread those wings you don't have

Magdalena Fiolka @ Eastern (Poland) Magdalena has been featured here a few times already and will probably featured again (and again). She was also one of our Lexposed Faces and she's a true Amica-girl. Does this all mean she's one of our favorites ? Obviously yes. From d'management in Milan to Elite Paris via Ford NY, we've been following whatever she did wherever she went. With our train tickets booked now, we're preparing for our trip in Berlin and truly hope to see Magdalena there as well. She's already in town with Seeds... [Lire la suite]
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You'll see her face on your laptop screen

Anouk Hagemeijer @ Skin (The Netherlands), d'management (Milan), Ford (NY) There might be something with big brows today, there might be some limitless love for graceful brunettes with dramatic gaze. There might be a way to pump up the volume without shouting too loud in the mic, there might be a way to rock a sock without turning it upside down. There is a will, there is a way. And there is the little kick from a little luck. As we wrote it on yesterday, Anouk came in Milan for one job and stayed for the week.... [Lire la suite]
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Klara Urbanova, the feather and the orchestra

        Klara Urbanova @ d'management (Milan) On the rythm. And throw the harmonica by the window. Or no keep it, we never know. Maybe one day we'll like it or it would be sad anyway to throw anything by the window. Whatever it is. On the rythm, then, and Klara tunes our day right now. Her latest polas arrived in our inbox on the early hours of the morning, freshly taken by d'management as Ms. Urbanova is currently in Milan. 5'11 silhouette just as a reminder. Don't believe in prophecies, don't even trust the... [Lire la suite]
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Oh she's back, Oh she's great (and she's Lexposed)

    Ronja @ d'management (Milan) And she's our Lexposed Face tonight! We were already able to swear you she's our favorite lady from Future Faces in Amsterdam  and probalby the most thrilling newbie in town with d'management in Milan. The story continues, the next chapter is being written. Right now. Tonight. She's love, she dreams.
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