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Odelia, gorgeous one way or another

      Odelia @ IMG, AL Models, Nagorny Models (Belarus) She has the most unique and intriguing face shape among the recent newcomers. With her intense gaze and distinctive mole that both add some more class to her portrait, she's probably one who's very, very hard to overlook. and one of the most interesting girl to watch. Watch how she's going to develop in the coming months, see how she handles editorials and her spread in Amica's Casting section by Massimo Pamparana could be a good preview of it. The quiet... [Lire la suite]
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One year after: Lyoka

          Lyoka Tyagnereva @ One (NY), Nathalie (Paris), FM (London) It was less than one year ago. Januart 2008. Half to midnight. We were tired as one can be tired. Red eyes, itching and aching. Tossing and turning. But couldn't go off to bed without having a last Lyoka moment. Pictures by Reed and Rader, prelude to her f/w 08-09 season. Prelude to a very, very interesting year - we could say wonderful, we won't and we'll stick to the facts for now. So, we're almost one year later now. What happened... [Lire la suite]
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Ready for Regina

Regina Shnizer @ First (London), MC² (NY), Success (Paris), Why Not (Milan) Regina. She might be among these models we've never stopped featuring since her beginnings with First in London. Was the time she was their most promising girl then their most succesful one. No need to remember all the good shows she walked for during her first season in UK. If you forgot it just remember Christopher Kane, that might be enough to keep the idea in mind.  The most interesting part of our Regina reviews was maybe more the... [Lire la suite]
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Mak makes it real (at least that's how we feel)

      Mak @ IMG Mak is for today, tonight and - without the shadow of a doubt - for tomorrow. For today when she graces the pages of Amica's January issue by Massimo Pamparana. For tonight as she's got the right look going hand in hand with our current mood. For tomorrow as we strongly believe this look can develop into something truly interesting during the next month and, why not, in time for the upcoming season. Light-hearted expression and loads of energy makes the difference with Mak who doesn't neglect... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Olya again !

Olya Shpunyakova @ Avant (Russia) Our first part on Olya was focused on the magic of her digitals, our second is a little bit more prosaic even if we feel the same towards her tests. But it's big time to say she's also (and did it quickly) signed with Storm in London and add that this expressive beauty can also rely on her 5'9"5 height. As for the tests themselves and what they teach us about Olya we didn't know from her digitals, we would say having black and white and colored pictures side by side helps getting notice... [Lire la suite]
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Alena Enikeeva @ PH Models (Russia), Women (Milan), New York Models (NY), MD Management (Hamburg) She's already known as an italian Glamour cover-girl and, of course, a favorite of Amica. The latter's tastes are often ours too and Alena is no exception. We've been following her for months now, glad to see her signing with agencies worldwide. Like Women Milan and later New York Models where she totally fits the current mood of the editorial board - next to Anastasija Kondratjeva or Raquel Mussi. Next editorial piece for Alena is... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Olya !

 Olya Shpunyakova @ Avant (Russia) This is only the first part, we have too much material to gather it in only one post and it would have been a pity to skip some pictures just to make it relevant. So, be sure there will be a second part and why not a third one. Digitals of Olya arrived in our inbox like their came out of a cornucopia. So many. So many great ones. An enormous, incredible range of poses, expressions etc. And this just on digitals as there is a huge amount of tests as well. We already wrote on the power of... [Lire la suite]
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Goodbye broadcasts. Hello Ksenia!

Ksenia Gorban @ Nathalie (Paris), Major (Milan), Uno (Barcelona) Yes, Ksenia Gorban is definitely one of our new favorites. If new and favorite both make sense here. Who's really new and what's the difference between one favorite and the other. It's really hard to describe what sets a model in her own class. It's rather easy to feel who reached this status, though. And we can say this about Ksenia. We recently featured two editorials of hers from spanish Glamour and Vanidad as her work at Uno Barcelona really stands out and... [Lire la suite]
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The S was missing

Natallia Krauchanka @ Black Model Management (Russia), Iconic (Berlin), Next (NY), Silent (Paris), FM (London) We were already in love with last month's editorial by Christophe Cufos (also styled by Pascal Humbert) in Amica and it's purely the same with this new one in January issue of the same mag. Only the model changes. First one was Megan Kuitems, now it's time for Natallia Krauchanka. Both are stunning. Each in her own way. Let's simply say the model can change the atmosphere. Photographer and stylist did a wonderful... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Giulia !

Giulia @ Max Models (The Netherlands) Giulia is among the last new faces we'll introduce this year and we can say this little introduction already looks forward to the future. Quite at her beginnings, she already worked with photographer Marcel van der Vlugt for La Vie en Rose magazine. Quite some good beginnings, then. Found through the FANCY model competition (where Max Models already found many other among a huge number of girls), she's just a tad smaller than 5'9 and we've been really impressed by the first pictures in... [Lire la suite]
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