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La Veronika Vera 
Veronika @ New Face MNG (Slovakia)

Just tried to relax yesterday afternoon and evening after days of nonstop work and guess what, we failed at it. If we will spend one day without working at all is a total mystery for us right now and already off topic since we're officially back on tracks on Monday morning, waking up with the sun and writing as fast as our fingers can run on the keyboard. The model who literally came to disturb our lazy Sunday evening is Veronika, young sprout straight from Slovakia who just signed with FM in London and Traffic in Spain. So, things are starting little by little for the girl found by New Face MNG, young boutique from her home country.

Would be random and not welcome from us to make any prediction about Veronika's future as only time will tell us but nothing would stop us to have expectations and share a little words on her look right now. What strikes us at the moment is how her modeling oscillates between innate poise and the lovely awkwardness of the beginners or how a certain harmony radiates from her features, slightly asymmetrical to ensure the twist that catches eyes and attention. Peaking at 5'9 (176) and ready for further development, we'll sit here and watch her travelling the world and seven seas. Till more news, we wish you sweet daydreams and off to intense brainstorming in the middle of rhubarb fields.

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