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Meet Lelde (again) !

   Lelde @ 2B Models (Latvia) We had an eye on Lelde since she appeared at 2B Models. Her first tests were already showing she could have some huge potential. The second round just shows it clearly. Six new tests, a new image and new perspectives for the young Latvian. Fierce look. Ready for Paris.
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Meet Via !

   Via @ PMST (Czech Republic) "Oh my God. What is that. A new baby from PMST. Via a new name for fashion sense." This is the way she was introduced by PMST's website yesterday. And we couldn't agree more. She's eye-catching. Just need a second to convince. Via has the power of her cuteness, the appeal of some unique features and the bonus of a short, magical name. We adore the new baby.
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Press review !

Exciting news from the bookstores. New Please, new Amica and new L'Officiel Paris. All were extra, all full of thrilling faces. Starting with the cover-girl on Please, Georgia Steed. We always love a redhead cover, like this issue of french Playboy featuring Anna Arendshorst or the latest Vogue Paris... Julianne Moore looks awesome, the styling is wonderful, the kind of issue - or at least cover, haven't been really thrilled by the contents so far - of Vogue Paris. Please is just one of the most refreshing magazines available here.... [Lire la suite]
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It sounds so good (and she looks brilliant)

   Megan @ Red Model Management (NY) It hurts a lot. To know what we've missed not going to Lutz f/w 08-09 during the latest fashion week in Paris. But it would hurt harder to ignore Megan or not to know the casting there counted two amazing redheads. Megan of course and the too rare Sofie Roelens which still does well for some magazines like the latest issue of WAD. Megan's strengths, besides the fact we love redheads, are probably the marvelous and delicate shape of her eyes which totally balance an impressive bone... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Sof'ya !

  Sof'ya Airih @ Lilas Models (Russia) Our redhead files are getting huge these days, many newcomers from flame-red to strawberry-blond are appearing in a lot of agencies. Wordlwide. Couldn't decide where to start or whether we'll introduce them all in the same post or one by one. The second option looks much more interesting in the end. As you could find a new girl every day and a overall redhead issue would easily turn out as totally incomplete. If we had done such an article yesterday, we would have missed the striking... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Crystal !

Crystal Simon @ Select Model Management (London) Our latest discovery, by chance, this afternoon. We were working on the article below featuring Loulou Kamp another great new face at Select when we literally fell for the lovely Crystal. She has only a couple of polas to show her her huge potential but everything is there, everything screams "editorial" on the five lonely pictures we've seen so far. She's got the presence, the poses and her 5'9 height won't hurt either. We just thought these four ones with their different... [Lire la suite]
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Weirdly Sensual, part 2: Kira the new Kiki

   Kira Glatzel @ Joy Models (Milan) When we saw her first, we immediately thought there was going to be a "Meet Kira !" soon but as we were also working on that other topic "Weirdly Sensual" we finally make the decision to add Kira. Who else, after all, could be considered as the epitome of that strange beauty ? Who else mixes that melancholic gaze to this gamine look ? The question of her hair actually led us to compare her to Kiki de Montparnasse and we would openly go for the iconic hairdo of... [Lire la suite]
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Weirdly Sensual, part 1: the Ingredients and the Image

       Isa & Emma Karlsson, Antonella Graef, Isa & Loulou Kamp, Kersti Pohlak, Kinga Lukthanks to OlgaKorbut (1st row), Kokobombon (2nd and 3rd row) and OhJane (4th and 5th row) for the pictures What if the border between weird and sensual was smaller than ever ? If both were closer than we would ever imagine and would get on well brilliantly ? What if the next generation of models, or simply an upcoming team of fresh faces were both very weird with an unexpected sensuality ? Weirdly sensual... [Lire la suite]
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Meet Jessica !

    Jessica Cline @ Elite (NY) Spread your wings and fly away from the buzz, close your eyes and think forward. Think of a near future and some unexpected perspectives. Think of some dark horses and wild cards. How many of them are actually waiting in the shadows of development. How many brilliant brains are crafting new images and grooming fresh faces into next season. What you see now is maybe not what you'll get tomorrow. But what we show you of Jessica is how she really is. Stunning. You just need a grey... [Lire la suite]
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Tanya Chubko @ One Management (NY) Tanya Chubko, the model and detective (see our article on One's new website below) from One NY... Tanya Chubko, our all-time favorite timeless beauty just has a brand new polaroids sheet. Longer hair and still that marvelous taste for tops and tees (and sleuthing capes). We don't see her tongue this time but she's still a specialist of those tongue-in-cheek poses that made her famous in various high-profile magazines like 10, Citizen K and more recently Vogue Italia (she got the supplement cover at... [Lire la suite]
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