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Last Minute

      Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Germany) We were working on longer topics all day plus fixing all details before fashion weeks start in seven days or so and a last minute arrival of pictures changed our plans a little. Just a little, though, as it's always like a refreshing break for our overloaded minds to dedicate twenty or thirty minutes writing an express feature. News arrived from London via Hamburg when Modelwerk forwarded us the latest materials from their upcoming blond lady, Anne Peck. Shot on the... [Lire la suite]
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Chillin' Out

        Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Hamburg) Modelwerk again ? Modelwerk, again. And we guess it won't stop as long as they keep updating us with such high quality materials or breaking news. Rather the first category today as there is no other information to spread than the pictures themselves. Quite relaxing if you ask and we actually seriously need to chill out a little bit. Was a busy week and we don't really need a busy weekend after this. All good, though. All for the best. We met Anne Peck last year (last... [Lire la suite]
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Photomaton with Anne

  Anne Peck @ Modelwerk (Germany) We had a few problems with our server (even with the very best of the world, these things happen somtimes) but we're back full force now. With Anne, from Modelwerk to City Models in Paris. Modelwerk is building an empire, City is shining again and the sky is bluer than blue. It's quite a lovely day in the end. Introduced yesterday on Modelwerk's blog as simply stunning we can only share this feeling. We had the opportunity to meet with Anne in April during our trip in Hamburg, last April.... [Lire la suite]
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