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Blessing in disguise

Elise Helene @ Viva (Paris) You never know what an event or simply a moment could bring to your life. You never expect it to be as harsh and you don't expect harshness to breed nice things. When words makes, when out of the blue truly means out of the blue. When a happy cell phone makes a happy evening. When a little drama turns out to be blessing in disguise. It's the same with editorials. You expect the best from big names, then get your lovely surprise from a pocket-size glossy. It's not the first time we're excited about... [Lire la suite]
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TMSRRE part 27: Elise Helene

          Elise Helene @ Viva (Paris) Nobody else deserves a post here and now as much as Elise Helene. Among our review (just below) on Viva-girls from QVEST last sunday and Lexposed Face today, we can't find enough way to say how much her recent success on Paris catwalks is important. We've seen her first steps last season, it was an immediate crush at AF Vandevorst - we were tired, it was the last show of the day and suddenly both the casting and soundtrack were amazing, giving us a second kick. Such... [Lire la suite]
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