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Milky Ways. Fancy as it sounds, Blue still Breeds Blue

Sorry to say so but it was Adele Exarchopoulos (was going to write Anarchopoulos, and way below for the fanas) who reminded me of Lea (Seydoux, say sweet), there's no bad reminder after all and Exa is far from being the worst of all. No Schtrimpf-blue hair, no aired boobies there, just a face to let you guess. We're like dirty cakes willing to be baked and sliced but that's another story for the tories. Right now only the spark itching our eyes counts and tomorrow morning seems like a buff illusion. We're pancakes and do... [Lire la suite]
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The Supreme Series, Part Three: Amanda

      Amanda Norgaard @ Supreme (NY) First part was dedicated to Chanel Iman, second one to Ieva Laguna and a bonus feature on Chrishell Stubbs was the icing on the cake of last week. As fresh materials kept pouring on our inbox and our interest in Supreme's current evolution hasn't stopped growing since last Thursday, here comes Amanda Norgaard. Another look, another profile and career pattern. And, of course, another story. There would be much to say on her versatility, provided she seems in her element with the new... [Lire la suite]
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We've got no time we're in love, got no time to lose

Nanou Vandecruys @ Silent (Paris) With cheekbones to fall for, jawline you may never forget and that strong, distant gaze - colder than ice - Nanou is the girl you notice within the second she enters your sight regardless it is on glossy paper, on coveted catwalks or hanging around backstage. And the world could be tossing and turning, nothing changes Silent's silent policy: no needs for words, just groundbreaking facts. Eric Guillemain, captured both the girl's appeal and the agency's strategy in one iconic shot. Isn't this all we... [Lire la suite]
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Before and After

      Sofia Bartos @ Major (NY) It's a double opportunity, ten minutes before midnight. We enjoy dropping a few more lines on Sofia after her great week in New York and we're glad to post a few new pictures by Eric Guillemain who started his Before Fashion series again with a brand new blog dedicated to it. Sofia caught our eyes from show to show, almost every day with a new kick. Most thrilling was perhaps to see her walking for Rodarte - one of our favorites, season after season, always booking girls who count for... [Lire la suite]
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Rio Round-up

Rio's fashion week is now reaching the end. Once again, we had a colorful season there. And that's what we like with Rio, the colors, the mixes and the overall energy. Balenciaga, MiuMiu and Versace influences were spotted in a few shows but what's more expected in mixes than some references melting together in the most unexpected ways ? Well it was a good season for Rio and a good way to start the season which will continue with Sao Paulo this week (can't wait for Osklen) then Couture in Paris. Luana Teifke, Karin Adam (by Eric... [Lire la suite]
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Eric Guillemain

I've discovered him with Tanya Dziahileva tests, a sensationnal mix of absolute freakness and delicate beauty.His website has recently been updated with new tests of Alyona Osmanova, Marcelina Sowa, Dioni Tabbers and Olya Ivanisevic among others.
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