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Kate Kosushkina @ Supreme (NY) Title says Toy Soldier... thought it could be a remix of Toy Story and Dog Soldiers. Might be a little odd for Teen Vogue who may have borrowed it to some lyrics. Or whatever. Wherever. Cool idea and cool overall theme. Also cool to see some editorial stuff of Kate Kosushkina, still too rare on glossy paper yet (cute in V, though). This one by Nick Haymes could be a little masterpiece and a sort of avant-premiere, giving us a taste of how Kate works out some very specific atmospheres, creating... [Lire la suite]
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      Kati @ AL Models It's not always about promoting models, not always showcasing for the sake of the introduction in itself. Some of our choices are simply inspirations. Looks that build our vision, looks that makes the modeling world move forward. Little steps in a career that sometimes turn into bigger steps for the next generation's aesthetic. Sometimes we're just moved by that simple statement: here is a face we like. We are always thrilled by any new girl arriving at AL Models, without exception. Always... [Lire la suite]
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