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Fancy Flower(s)

Amy @ Elite (NY) Usually when a photographer sends you a color picture and its black and white counterpart, it's up to you to choose the one you would like to use. In other words: which one looks better. That might have been Kristiina Wilson's purpose too. Or not, after all it's not the first time she sends us materials like these, black and white and full colors versions of the same shot. And it's not the first time the idea of having the two versions side by side crosses our minds. Creating some contrast, playing with... [Lire la suite]
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It's Thursday, she's Tuesday

Tuesday @ Liz Bell Agency (Canada) Because tomorrow is a day off, because next tuesday is too far away, we decided to feature Tuesday on a thursday morning. Couldn't wait, now that we have all her most recent material put together. If you have to think of someone during this long weekend it has to be Tuesday among and maybe above others. Seriously, you won't find many girls like her who are 5'11 (34-25-35) with a face like hers and such a beautiful, unforgettable name. There is a lot of brilliant new girls at Liz Bell right... [Lire la suite]
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American Appeal

 Ali Stephens @ Elite (mother agnency: Pulse Management) It will be the first topic of 2008. American models or more exactly North American models. Actually, we're  thinking about it for months, almost half a year when the "American Beauty" buzz started to storm around the fashion industry. Though, at that time, right before and during the latest fashion weeks, we thought it might be too early to write an accurate article on this new wave of models and weren't sure of what to include in the words... [Lire la suite]