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Meet Leela: Cold Gold

  We thought you were born on the other side of the river but you kissed the ground first on the other side of the earth. Megalo-babe, you look like a truck on a highway, you shine so bright we've got scars in the eyes. Something's going on from your gaze, from this mouth you can't keep closed. We'd love to know the pretty sound that comes out of lips like yours, we're always eager to know more when it comes to a pretty lady with unusual features. You look too good to ask your height and hips. We might be mad dogs but you... [Lire la suite]
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        Naomi Preizler @ NEXT "Joeyzine" or just "Joey." as its website says. It's the third issue of this online fashion journal, not really an UFO on the radar but not your comon rising publication. Priority is photography (or the other way round) and it shows just by reading the names of contributors how much visual appeal and creativity are key words there: this third issue humbly named No.3 and subtitled by the sole mention of friends counts among its contributing photographers Alexandra Carr, David Shama and... [Lire la suite]
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Signe's Signature

        Signe @ Modelwerk (Germany), Next (NY) German day today? Might look like it is. German morning, at least and that happened a bit by chance to be honest (and thanks to two german agencies' clever communication). We've been introduced to Signe's unparalleled appeal by Modelwerk a few weeks ago and a short entry would have been a perfect Summer topic for us. She was labeled 'brand new' and 'modeling for a few weeks' at that time. Again, a perfect feature for mid-July or early August, a fresh breeze to spice... [Lire la suite]
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Optically Optimal

        Nastasia Ohl @ Next (NY) Long time no words on Nastasia Ohl, too long and enough silence. Were thinking of a new feature on her quite often, were waiting for the opportunity. It might be always like this, after all, always waiting for the right materials to pop up or even looking for them in a relentless quest. Hunting pictures, quite a beautiful way to spend weekends -- not to mention it does actually have some relaxing aspects as well, training your eye without working for real. Amazing, isn't it ? Not... [Lire la suite]
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Marloes: mermaid and marvels

  Marloes Horst @ Next (NY) Time to discover another Marloes. We've already seen the sleek cutie from her polas as well as the Prada-girl in motion and both were impressive. Now let's share Rony Shram's vision of Marloes, also signed with Next Paris and Joy  Milan. It's like a swimsuit fairytale where she would embody the modern mermaid. Modern not only in comparison of any previous version of the fish-tail queenie, also modern as these modern faces of the fashion industry. Light-hearted, trash-free sensuality.... [Lire la suite]
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Cat's eyes

Cat McGrath @ Next (NY) Or maybe we should have called it "Cat's hair" ? Or just by the original title of the story by Kristiina Wilson "Catbird" ? Well we thought the hair was obvious and the title belongs to the whole story. So, our choice was finally "Cat's eyes" as there is a lot to tell about her dreamy glance when she looks right at the camera. Of course the auburn curls are what you see first but it goes hand in hand with her eyes, making a bigger impression. We first saw her polas and were... [Lire la suite]
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