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Radiate and Never Fade Away

Victoria Sekrier @ Ford (Paris) A model who deserves more attention. A girl who steadily adds interesting pieces to her portfolio, who worked and still works with great photographers, shooting great editorials and never fails to bring some emotions to every single picture she takes. She was remarkable this season with some precious appearances at a very select group of shows in London and Paris including Jean Paul Gaultier (definitely true to his tastes) and Ann Demeulemeester (call her a favorite). Latest piece on extra-large... [Lire la suite]
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The Viva-DNA Crossover Team

Queeny Van Der Zande @ Viva (Paris)Kelli Lumi @ DNA (NY) Nadia Serlidou @ Viva (Paris) Skye Stracke @ DNA (NY), Viva (Paris) Viva and DNA. Paris and NY. The two agencies are well-know for some successful models they share and we could drop a few names here. They would ring a bell, both as icons from glorious past eras or as today's most sought-after faces. What about tomorrow ? Who are the iconic girls from Viva, from DNA or from Viva and DNA together ? We could also tell about Elise Helene, our favorite redhead of the moment... [Lire la suite]
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Everyday is a new day

And we won't sleep anymore ! Viktoriya Sasonkina doesn't allow us to sleep any longer, seems there's not one day, not one night we don't have new pictures, new polaroids, new editorials of her. She's working like crazy but raise the level to its top. Could it be her recent work for magazines like Stiletto and Please! or her brand new tests shot for Women NY, Vika is creating an enormous buzz here. Heartbeats and goose-bumps.    pictures from Women NY
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More Viktoriya !

Didn't we tell you she has much potential ? And she was at the beginning of an exciting career ? Here is her newest work, published in Please! magazine in France. Some incredibly expressive shots in waiting of more pictures from New York and some big hopes for f/w 08-09 !
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Meet Viktoriya !

She's not exactly new, she's not exactly famous. A bit of both, after all. She's Viktoriya. Or Vika. Whatever her name really is, she's unforgettable. Viktoriya Sasonkina is currently building an amazing career from Art-Podium in Odessa (Ukraine) to Major Paris. She appeared in many s/s 08 shows including Gianfranco Ferre in Milan. Three times in L'Officiel Paris and also a favorite of Glamour Italia and Harper's Bazaar UK, she's now - fresh news - in the second issue of Please magazine (more pictures to come soon). And if her... [Lire la suite]