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The Night the Flame held the Candle

          Stasya Izyumova @ Supreme (NY) Third Supreme girl in two days and we're are already in the middle of the weekend. Guess we can all feel the frenzy and Stasya's new polas were definitely worth to jump out of the bus and rush back to the office. Even at 9pm. Major arrival throwing away the tired mood of the evening, twilight stories can go on. Stasya was an immediate favorite and is set to become quickly a perennial favorite too, based on her abilities in front of the camera, uncanny flame-red hair... [Lire la suite]
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          Stasya Izyumova @ Avant (Russia), Supreme (NY), Women (Paris), Women (Milan) We wouldn't have expected that our first feature with Stasya was with dark hair as she's always been the ultimate redhead to us. Since the first moment we saw her. The first minute, the first second perhaps. Images are faster than words. Though, as Givenchy is Givenchy and as it means what it means, we didn't mind at all a dark-brown Stasya for one afternoon. It's always better (and rarely easy) to start at the right place... [Lire la suite]
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