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Leave Us Kids Alone

Trilce @ Uno (Spain) Obstacles. Not even talking about fences as usually most of us, if we dare to say us, raise our own fences then live in a small imaginary space made by ourselves that we almost never leave. But today's topic is obstacles that naturally stands on our way(s) and we have to go through, remove or in worst cases avoid, the latter being the less interesting option since we never learn from them this way. The thing is when you see obstacles you already found out you crossed your own mental fences to... [Lire la suite]
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Face To Face

Her name screamed French and we weren't mistaken: Louise is Born in Paris. But she lives in Barcelona now where she keeps her studies going along her modeling career and other passion: skating. Got Uno's package before holidays and thought it would be our final post of the year. Could be Remix #3 then if we had written it in advance but didn't do and waited till now to drop a few lines on the girls who caught our attention. The intriguing ones. Russy was born in China, in Qing Tian where most of Chinese people living in... [Lire la suite]
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