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Pick up the Phone

Raisa Anane @ Mandarina (Romania)

Taken less than an hour ago in the backyard at Mandarina's offices, Raisa is ready now and getting more powerful than ever. Who would have guessed only a few months ago ? But Raisa (5'9 with FM London and in perfect shape) has got the will and has been able to keep her targets as high as her potential. She learnt how to pose, how to show her presence on pictures and everything else she needed back in time. She's now able to turn from classic beauty to impish kid in one click. Seems that Raisa made a pledge with the camera: she'll look straight to the lens and will get only good pics in return. Seems this works well so far. Seems she gets attention from now on. Worldwide good-eyed people are having her face in mind and her name on their lips.

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  • ok, this IS gonna come out as creepy but i have to admit i have her as my cellphone wallpaper

    Posté par ari, 29-08-09 à 02:28 AM

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