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Mandarinamania goes Major 
Alexandrina Turcan @ Major (NY)

Everybody loves her, almost absolutely everybody (nice odd way to put it, right?) and the season hasn't even begun. Just about to start but some names are on every lips, some faces in every mind. You might say the same for girls like Gloria Loitz at One or R'el Dade at Marilyn who are both gathering a lot of the current attention. Add a couple of brand new stunners from IMG, Supreme and other powerhouses and you've got a nice potential line-up already. And besides all these magical ones (safe bets plus wild cards) you'll find Alexandrina Turcan. For sure not the first time we show her here and not the first time you see some polas shot by Jonathan Leder. But time is running wild, packages are done and popping up online and at the casting directors offcies. We couldn't not add another couple of lines on Mandarina's international darling and Major's best new face in 10 years according to their own words. Have a look and you'll see you can only agree. Games aren't done for sure but good eyes already know who to look at.

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